Don’t Let Winter Get the Jump on You–Schedule Winter Services at Garavel Subaru

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Today’s Fan Photo Friday is from Ilya Noyevoy. Snow vibes.

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While a Subaru in the snow does cut a pretty picture, getting hit with a storm when you’re unprepared isn’t quite as nice.

You may have stocked up on batteries and powdered milk, but is your car prepared for a winter in Norwalk? Subaru winter prep tips may be able to help.

The techs in our CT service center put their heads together to come up with the top most important winter services to check off your list before the really heavy weather rolls in:

  • Change over summer or all-season tires to winter/snow tires
  • Check fluid levels and condition of coolant and antifreeze
  • Test battery charge; replace if necessary
  • Check engine oil; change if necessary
  • Check condition of windshield wipers; replace if necessary
  • Inspect heating and defrosting systems
  • OPTIONAL: install all-weather mats to protect floors from salt and snow

Schedule Winter Prep Service Here

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