Don’t Get Bogged Down By Spring Service Needs: Let Garavel Subaru Help

April 20th, 2017 by

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As the beautiful spring sun begins to peek out of the sky, bathing Connecticut in the warm, forgiving rays of the changing seasons after a too-long winter, it seems like everyone is celebrating.

And getting your car into Garavel Subaru for its springtime service and cleaning is one of the best ways you can welcome the new season, and prep for a happy and ready springtime in Norwalk.

We share our top tips for spring cleaning, and tell you just how easy it is to let the professionals walk you through getting your Subaru back in top shape.

While there are plenty of springtime Subaru services you can perform right at home (like washing the exterior, vacuuming and cleaning the upholstery, getting the road salt out of your carpets, and gearing up with summertime accessories) there are a few other things that it pays to put in the hands of the experts.

Here are our top five tips to help you prep for spring:

  • Check all fluid levels: engine oil, washer fluid, and coolant
  • Check or replace your windshield wipers: worn blades can obstruct vision, especially in heavy rain
  • Inspect the air pressure and tread depth of your tires; switch to seasonal-appropriate tires if necessary
  • Consider a wheel alignment–we see a lot of potholes during the winter, and they can wreak havoc on the front-end of your Subaru
  • Inspect A/C and cooling systems: sweating in the hot summer sun or having your car overheat? No thank you!

Subaru Spring Service Info and Coupons

Brush up on spring service tips and get started at home to keep your Subaru looking and feeling great after a hard winter.

Or, let us do it all for you.

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